About Us

Lets Make Money Pty Ltd is a privately owned company and holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (No 233808). We provide high quality, personalised financial advice and a range of services to suit individuals and small organisations.

We source and maintain up-to-date information from professional research houses on most investments. We use industry specific computerised modelling tools and systems to analyse the risk and return characteristics of various investment options to ensure we offer the best solutions for our clients based on the latest information. Lets Make Money Pty Ltd does not operate any investment funds, discreet portfolios nor exercise any discretionary power over your investments.

You may be looking to make a change in your life. Perhaps you're considering starting your own business or buying into one. Or perhaps you're thinking about mortgaging your home, or you just need some advice about superannuation. Before you act, talk to your Lets Make Money financial advisor.